John the Squire


Str: 3 Dex: 3 Con: 3 Int: 2 Per: 1 Wil: 4 LPs: 46 Endurance: 35 Spd: 12 Essence: 16 Qualities: Hard to Kill 4, stat bonuses 2, Attractiveness 2, Resistance (Pain) 1 Drawbacks: Emotional Dependency -1, Reckless -2, Showoff -2, Status (the new guy) -1 Skills: Driving 2, Brawling 3, Gun (Rifle) 1, Lock Picking (mechanic) 2, Lock Picking (electronic) 2, Mechanic 2 Possession: Carrier bag, Super X .30-06 rifle, 9 AA batteries, 6 AAA, 4 D batteries, 1 9V, welding gloves, Lawn Mower Blade Machete


John the Squire is the first allied NPC that the players will encountered. He is a 16 year old kid who runs away with them and ends up having Edmund the Knight take him under his wing as his apprentice. He really looks up to Edmund and kind of sees him as his hero. Overall, John is kind of the loser of the group: he is clingy, a bit reckless, stubborn, and a showoff. He starts out seeming like a red shirt, but he will grow on the players. He will become more useful as the game progresses, and serves as a way for the DM to point out some things that the players may have missed, though he should never lead the group and pull the story. He is mostly to be background and aid. In a strange way, he is almost like the group pet.

John the Squire

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